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Strengthening research and extension services, as well as farmer education on best agronomic practices.

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Roll out of Reselience Program in Partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)



Nov. 12, 2019

Trained 72 ward-based AGRITEX extension staff, of whom 20 were women, on good agricultural practices (GAPs) and market linkages focusing on small grain production and marketing. These extension officers then trained 450 lead farmers through the training of trainers (ToT) approach, who rolled-out training to ten farmers each, totalling 4 500 mentored farmers.

Distributed 13.75 tonnes of sorghum seed and 6.87 tonnes of cowpea seed to 2 750 (lead and mentored) farmers in Chiredzi and Mwenezi.

Procured 275 tonnes of topdressing fertilizer to be delivered in the coming agricultural season.

Conducted 15 field days (one per ward) in Chiredzi, Mount Darwin, Mwenezi and UMP to provide the wider community with an opportunity to gain knowledge, together with project beneficiaries, on the agronomy of small grains

Previous Updates

Partnering with private players in the roll out of the Pfumvudza Conservation Agriculture Programme



June 1, 2020

Government  has collaborated with the Foundations for Farming and other stakeholders in capacitating extension workers on the Pfumvudza concept ahead of the 2020-2021 summer cropping season.

The extension officers will be capacitated to enable them to educate, track and monitor the Pfumvudza concept, which is aimed at climate-proofing agriculture by adopting conservation farming techniques.

It also involves the utilisation of small pieces of land and applying the correct agronomic practices for higher returns.