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The promises that we are tracking are derived from the commitments that MDC/ZANU PF made in their manifesto. We evaluate each promise using the scale below:


These are promises that have have been acted on and fully completed.


Actions that the government has commenced on and is in the process of achieving.

Not Commenced

These are promises that might remain not started and if they remain that way by end of the tracking cycle they will be classified as Unaccomplished.

Modified or Amended

These are commitments that will be changed/modified due to some changed circumstances. We will do an analysis to determine how these undertakings compare to what was stated in the ruling party’s manifesto.


These are actions that are being acted on and not fully complete. This designation will only be applied to a promise if it remains not completed at the end of the tracking cycle.


These are promises that the government would have not made any action towards achieving or those rendered unachievable owning to contradictory policy positions.

We will continue tracking the implementation of the promises until the final day in office of the elected government. However, beyond just tracking we are also measuring if the actions adopted have contributed to positive change and where possible identify the limitations. Beyond tracking the agenda set by government we are also trying to understand the citizens’ expectations on what government should be doing. In this regard we will be commissioning perception surveys. The surveys help us to gauge the opinions of citizens regarding their government. In the process we also learn about the citizens’ expectations of what government should be focusing on. We believe this could be an important source of information for the present government but also other political parties aspiring for office. Our surveys also help us test the level of participation or engagement of citizens with government process.