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Zero tolerance and prosecution for land barons.

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Investigation into illegal sale of State Land worth $3 Billion by Land Barons



Dec. 11, 2019

Land barons, housing cooperative leaders, property developers and politically-connected people illegally sold $3 billion worth of urban State land since 2005 and pocketed most of the cash, a commission of inquiry has reported.

At least 431 cases of suspected corruption in the sale of State land need to be investigated and prosecutions instigated, recommended the Commission of Inquiry into the Sale of State Land in and around Urban Settlements.

Previous Updates

75 Land Barons Arrested



Dec. 13, 2018

AN  inquiry into the illegal sale of State land in urban areas is now 60 per cent complete and so far, 75 land barons have been arrested for fraud, theft of trust funds and other corruption-related offences. The government appointed a commission to investigate the irregular sale of State land. Of the 75 suspects, 25 have appeared in court and their cases are still pending.